It's ninety but it doesn't show its age. Perhaps that's one reason why it's still BAGUTTA, the trattoriaof the Milan trattorias, and the restaurant of the Milan restaurants. It's simple, genuine, intimate, homely and different and for all these reasons the haunt of writers, painters, publishers, couturiers, top models, actors and actresses, poets and singers, businessmen and top managers from all over the world, plus doctors, photographers, journalists, lawyers, engineers and politicians. To mention the names of all the people who have eaten or eat there regularly, we'd need more pages than there are in this little book. But why do people go and eat at the BAGUTTA?
Because in this trattoria where the first Italian literary award was founded - today there are more than a thousand awards every year in Italy but BAGUTTA was the first - the food is good, the atmosphere is unique and fascinating in its originality and lastly, you feel at home there. The way it manages to make everyone feel at home is the most striking quality of this restaurant, founded in 1924.

  • Cenacolo



    From the left to right: Mario Vellani Marchi, Ottavio Steffenini, the first treasurer of the Prize Mario Alessandrini, Paolo Urchins ever since nicked-named "The Contrarian", Orio Vergani with the halo of the martyr for the effort of having to collect the sum to be allocated to the winner, President Bacchelli, Adolfo Franci, Luigi Bonelli, Gino Scarpa, Antonio Veretti, Antonio Niccodemi.

  • The award

    Premio Bagutta

    The Bagutta prize

    On the evening of the first award ceremony, the founders of the Bagutta Prize sat at the table staging the famous Leonardo's masterpiece, transforming the cultural and independent spirit of the first Italian literary prize into a visual icon.

  • Special Events

Un popolo che ignora il proprio passato non saprà mai nulla del proprio presente

" Indro Montanelli "

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